People Digging into Grid Sizing and Layout Possibilities


Jen Simmons has been coining the term intrinsic design, referring to a new era in web layout where the sizing of content has gone beyond fluid columns and media query breakpoints and into, I dunno, something a bit more exotic. For example, columns that are sized more by content and guidelines than percentages. And not always columns, but more like appropriate placement, however that needs to be done.

One thing is for sure, people are playing with the possibilities a lot right now. In the span of 10 days I’ve gathered these links:

  • Sophisticated Partitioning with CSS Grid – So awesome, like the way quantity queries sorta randomize to deliver interesting layouts based on how many items in a grid.
  • Responsive spacing with viewport and ch units – Using the viewport for sizing, but giving typography a strong say in how things respond.
  • Building Robust Layouts With Container Units – With bonus CSS custom properties and calc().
  • Content-based grid tracks and embracing flexibility – Don’t forget about our interesting new friends, min-content, max-content, and auto in the context of grid sizing.