The surprising truth about Facebook’s


You may have heard that is a nonprofit organization launched by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and dedicated to bringing Internet access to people who can’t access it, or can’t afford it.

But this isn’t true—not any of it.

The realities of came into question last week when India banned it from the country. If the Internet is good, and simply exists to get people on it, why was it banned?

Let’s start with a basic question.

What is is not a nonprofit company or even an organization. is a business development group within Facebook aimed at increasing Facebook’s users and revenue.

The group is headed by Chris Daniels, whose entire career at Facebook and Microsoft before then has been in business development. His title on LinkedIn is: “Vice President, Product – at Facebook.”

What is business development? I think the best definition comes from James Cohane. He defines business development as: “the function at the company responsible for identifying, securing, and/or managing relationships with organizations outside of the company (excluding customers and suppliers) that helps other key functions at the company achieve their respective goals.”

And that’s what is. Its function is to work with other companies, carriers and governments to help Facebook as a company achieve its goal to increase the number of Facebook users.